The Jaffa Foodie Insider: World-Famous Nikkei Cuisine Has Finally Emerged in Israel

Jaffa’s culinary scene was just turned on its head with the opening of its newest and most unique restaurant, Lima Nippo. Based on the international Nikkei culinary trend, an exotic blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, Lima Nippo is the first of its kind in Israel.



Inspired by the world-famous Nobu culinary group, the style was brought to Israel by Yoram, a French immigrant who moved to Israel almost two years ago. “My partners and I decided to open Lima Nippo in Jaffa because we truly feel that it has a charm, identify, history and evolvement is unlike anything else in Israel,” he said. “The transformation that this city is going through is incredible, and we want to be a part of it.”



Nikkei cuisine was first created in the late 19th century when Japanese immigrants made their way to Peru and Brazil. After soon realizing that many of their culinary styles were similar, they slowly merged into what is now known as Nikkei cuisine. With the fusion of Japanese sushi, corn, vegetables and ceviche, the creation is unlike anything else found in Israel.



Yoram has worked with the Nobu group around the world over the past 11 years, but finally settled in Israel in order to achieve something more permanent. “I used to come here in the summers with my family as a child, and I absolutely love what the Tel Aviv-Jaffa area has to offer. Everyday I try to visit different cafes, restaurants and shops to better learn about the area. We were right that it’s the perfect place to open our restaurant.”



Lima Nippo just opened in December of 2015, and is already booming in the center of Jaffa.


Contributed by Lena Elkins