Pilates, Yoga and More in Jaffa’s Thriving City Center

Amir has been running Studio Naim, Tel Aviv-Jaffa’s largest fitness group for five years now. “We offer everything here, from all types of yoga, to pilates, to barre, to ballet to Zumba to kickboxing.” Although Studio Naim has been a popular go-to fitness locale in Tel Aviv for many years, they just launched their first ever location in Jaffa. “So many of our members were coming from Jaffa to Tel Aviv everyday to take our classes, so we decided to take  the classes to them,” said Amir.



Although Amir has practiced yoga for about 15 years, he doesn’t come from a professional fitness background at all. Instead, he comes from high tech and was involved with early-stage startups before the Studio Naim opportunity fell into his lap.



“I knew I wanted to buy a local business,” said Amir. “And this was the perfect opportunity. It’s incredible for me to see how much Studio Naim has brought to individuals. Members have discovered their bodies, a community, and a connection to their instructors. What more could you want? Studio Naim has given so much more to the fitness community than just exercise and wellbeing.”



The new Studio Naim is already filling its studio with members and attracting people from around Israel. The building dates back to the Turkish Era and was owned by the Orthodox Greek Church. It sits within the historical Jaffa Greek Market, or in Arabic "Suk Adira". The building is over 150 years old, and has high arched ceilings that give it an antique feeling.


“This is my creation,” said Amir proudly. “And it’s just in the beginning stages. I imagine that Studio Naim will grow tremendously in Jaffa and create a space for everyone to come and connect.”


Contributed by Lena Elkins