When France and Jaffa Collide: Through the Lens of Interior Designer, Carole Fakiel

Interior designer and fashion designer Carole Fakiel moved to Jaffa two years ago after immigrating from France. “I used to live here as a teenager, and just knew I had to come back. I love Jaffa’s architecture, mixity and proximity to the beach. This city has a soul; it talks to me,” said Carole.



Carole finds her creative inspiration everywhere she looks, since according to her, each individual location calls for something. “If you respect the soul of the place, it all comes out very easily,” said Carole. “My inspiration really comes from anything; a door, a detail I see, something in the movies, many things. I’m inspired by anything that I’m able to adapt and transform.”



A fashion designer as well, Carole finds much of her inspiration in Indian design. She used to manufacture her clothing in India, and spent a great deal of time there using local art crafts, furnitures and fabrics.



In Israel, Carole finds that that designers have a tendency to lean toward a more European style, but in Jaffa, there’s so shortage of stylistic variety. “There’s nothing better than Jaffa for design. It’s everywhere,” said Carole. “I love the designer Ron Arad, the design shop Elemento, and many of the fashion and furniture designers in Shuk HaPashpashim. Israeli designers are very creative, and if you want to design or decorate a house here, you can find anything you need. Everything can be sourced from Jaffa, because it’s easy to find artists who can specially make items and designs for you. The number of artisans here is unlimited.”



Carole comes from a long line of creative family members; her mother was a fashion designer, her grandmother was a hat designer and her son is a photographer. Today, her son lives in Jaffa as well, and her daughter continues to live in France. “We love Israel and Israeli personalities,” said Carole. “Israelis have all of the qualities that I can appreciate in a human. They’re warm, kind, helpful, and they live like there’s no tomorrow. This is the place to be, and I’m so happy to finally be here.”


Contributed by Lena Elkins