Bright and Versatile: Inside Liat Azar’s Studio in the Old City of Jaffa

Every piece of clothing that Liat Azar sells in her tiny boutique in the Old City of Jaffa was hand-made by her. In the small studio, all that’s seen is old Jaffa stone walls, beautifully colored clothing, and a sewing machine.



Liat’s creations are treated as art forms by the Israeli native, with each piece of clothing holding its own unique story. “Everything you see here was hand-made by me. I’m inspired by ideas that develop in my soul, my surroundings in Jaffa, and of course, my beloved customers.”



Each item that Liat creates can be worn in a variety of styles, and she alters pieces to meet the needs and desires of her customers. Due to these personalized touches, each piece has its own look, with a variation of colors, cuts and fabrics. “I change each piece to meet the personality of the customer,” said Liat. “I want my customers to feel beautiful in their clothing, since that’s ultimately what matters.”


Liat’s customers come from all around the world, such as the United States, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. She also stays in touch with them and ships her designs to wherever they’re requested.



Liat studied Costume Theater in university and specialized in operatic attire. Many years after graduating, she opened her shop in her favorite location: the Old City of Jaffa. “It’s an extremely unique place to be,” said Liat. “I lived here for many years. The sea is the most incredibly thing I’ve ever seen. I love the water so much that I named my son “Yam”, meaning “water” in Hebrew.”


“There’s nothing more creative than fashion,” said Liat. “To me, it’s about expressing yourself with what you wear and how you look. Fashion is for everyone, but your personality is unique to you, and that can be expressed through your own creative style.”


Contributed by Lena Elkins