Family First at the Famous Margoza Bakery in Jaffa

Jaffa’s beloved family bakery, Margoza, has been owned by two local families over the past seven years. A regular hangout spot for locals, tourists, professionals and families, Margoza is the perfect spot to cozy up over a coffee and a French pastry.



With French culinary roots, Margoza is a delicious blend of French and Israeli cuisine. “A lot of our inspiration for our menu comes from Jaffa, especially from Shuk Hapishpashim,” co-owner, Michal Karny Dahan said. “We chose to have our bakery here and not in Tel Aviv because we find this atmosphere to be incredibly special, with a very warm community full of people from all backgrounds.”


Margoza has three pastry chefs, but they’re not the only ones who influence what’s on the menu. Bakery decisions are made by the entire group, and by that, we mean the chefs, the owners, the employees, and the community. “All the time, customers come in and request that we add something specific to the menu,” said Michal. “They’re Israelis - they know what they want!” Michal describes the community as very creative, constantly coming to them with new ideas that diversify the menu and atmosphere of Margoza. “It’s always a mixture, just like Jaffa,” said Michal.


Michal has four daughters, ages one through eight, who love nothing more than to come to work with their mom. “They’re constantly pretending to be sick so that they don’t have to go to school, and can instead come to the bakery with Mommy,” said Michal. “Our co-owners also have two young children who come in often as well.” At home, said Michal, they try to dedicate one afternoon a week to baking with the children. It’s a way of keeping baking fun for the whole family, not just work.



Margoza has become a hub for the whole Jaffa community, which Michal feels is incredibly special. “Everyone feels comfortable coming to sit here. Those in high tech, realtors, artists, movie directors, translators, new mothers, travelers -  everyone treats Margoza like it’s their home. "



"We feel that margoza has helped bring people together,” Michal added. “People are constantly giving each other recommendations for kindergartens to send their children to, real estate agents to contact and new shops to explore. What can I say - the Margoza community is the definition of a family.”