Yossi is a 40-year-old lawyer from London. He moved to Israel about four years ago and now enjoys the outdoor lifestyle Jaffa has to offer. He spends his spare time playing golf, fishing, diving, running and cooking on top of his roof. "I had always wanted to live here, but always found reasons not to come. One day I stopped listening to those reasons and followed my heart by moving to Israel. I made the decision one morning, and was here the same day!"

Tell us a little about the house you live in.

This apartment was once the studio of the famous sculptor Matanya Abramson. Two years ago it was remodeled by renowned Israeli architect Pitsou Kedem. This whole area of Jaffa was and still is part of an artist community, so everyone who lives here has been here for many years. My apartment still has that ancient and bohemian feel about it, but also feels modern - and that is why I like it here so much.

How long have you lived in Jaffa, and where did you live before?

I have been in Jaffa for just over a year. Before that I lived in Neve Tsedek, and before that Herzliya Pituach. But Jaffa is the only place I felt I could call home.

What made you move and stay in Jaffa? 

I never originally intended to move to Jaffa. I probably wouldn’t even have considered it as a place to live, but I wanted to move to a special apartment with the “wow” factor, and I found this one. As soon as I got here, I felt the atmosphere and fell in love with the place. Always lively, but not noisy, good fun people, perhaps a little different from the Tel Aviv vibe, more relaxed. In the Old City here, there is a real community feel. Everyone knows each other and looks out for each other.

I am only five minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv, but it feels like a world away when you are relaxing here with the amazing views, and still only a few minutes from all the restaurants and bars that you could need. There's always something going on here. I have no plans to leave. This is the only place in Israel I would consider living.  

What are your favorite places in Jaffa? 

Galleries, restaurants or anything else that comes to mind. Kalamata is my favorite restaurant in Jaffa. If I’m honest, I don’t really do too much of the cultural stuff other than just walking around and soaking up the atmosphere in the small streets, which are lined with galleries and jewelery shops, and attending the numerous free concerts which we have here. The architecture alone here is something quite beautiful.