It is no secret that Jaffa has a very close historical connection with art. The creative scene of the Artists Quarter goes back to the 50s and 60s, when artists moved in for the affordable spaces and ‘edgy’ vibe. Today, many established artists and renowned collectors base both their studios and homes in Jaffa. All across Jaffa you will find galleries, museums and a lot of 'behind the walls' private events and happenings, so always keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the incredible creativity Jaffa has to offer. 

I am taking a closer look at some of the 'Faces of Jaffa' and the personal stories of the people who choose Jaffa to be their home. Join me and discover these fascinating, successful and talented individuals who make Jaffa the special place that it is.

                                                       FACES OF JAFFA:  Anya Fleet

                                                     FACES OF JAFFA:  Anya Fleet

Anya is a Jaffa-based bridal and evening wear designer. Her dresses have been the center of attention at many high-profile weddings around the globe, with clients praising her unique down-to-earth and feminine design aesthetic. Until two years ago, when Anya was living in central Tel Aviv with her husband, they decided to move to Jaffa in search of a bigger studio for her to work in. They just couldn't believe their luck when they first entered this house; needless to say it was love at first sight. 

Tell us about your daily routine in Jaffa and why you chose to live here. 

We moved to Jaffa because we realized it's the place that reflects our personalities more than any other place. We feel that living here is ideal for us because we are still very central - we are only 15 minutes away from central Tel Aviv, but we have the peace, quiet and the sense of community that is priceless to us as a family. 

My daily routine starts with dropping Sinai, my 2-year-old son, at kindergarten and continues with coffee on the beach; I go for a jog to the Port and sit and gather my thoughts before I get back to the studio to work on my dresses and meet my clients. I have much more space here in Jaffa, more freedom and less stress. I don't need to look for parking and I have the best views here. Creatively this place has helped me achieve better results as I am creating in peace and without the "big city" stress. 

Where are your favorite places to hang out in Jaffa? 

I love sitting on the pier and having coffee at the marina, and I love the flea market, the beach and the Peres Center for Peace. I love Kalamata and Cassis for dinner. It's incredible that we don't need to walk very far to get the best food in the world.

What would you say to people who are thinking about living in Jaffa? 

I get along with everyone here; all of my neighbors know me. I feel like Jaffa is part of Tel Aviv, I don't feel like it's two separate towns.