The exclusive W Tel Aviv-Jaffa Residences invites international lifestyle blogger and Tel Aviv expert, Roza Sinaysky, to present the first ever Jaffa luxury travel guide. Visitors and locals will discover hidden bars and trendy restaurants, fashion boutiques and contemporary design as Roza reveals her insider tips of the 4,000-year old port city.

Photos by: Liya Geldman

Experience where contemporary lifestyle meets 4,000 years of history. #WelcomeToJaffa


Eat & drink

Let the foodie in you indulge in the finest dining spots of Jaffa, from gourmet chef restaurants to fresh arabic coffee and cake in the heart of a vibrant market. Jaffa won't leave you hungry.


Looking to decorate your home or is it a new outfit you are after? Whatever it is you are looking for you will easily find here. Embrace Jaffa's bohemian style in your home and in your wardrobe.


Take a walk through history down the ancient alleys of the old town, spend your afternoon hunting bargains at the flea market and end the day on the beach promenade.


Jaffa is home to a variety of personalities, from locals to transplants, artists to professionals, all from different walks of life. Meet those who call Jaffa their home.



This is a breathtakingly beautiful beach constructed in a unique style restaurant with arches, palm trees and sandstone and beach views. Chef and Owner, Ayelet Perry, returned to Israel after 17 years in San Francisco, California where she owned and managed Cassis Catering now brings her passion for fine food and fresh ingredients to Jaffa. The open kitchen of Casis allows viewers to watch the orchestrated team creating amazing culinary dishes, and what a delicious symphony it is! If you are looking for a perfect healthy lunch or a unwinding dinner after a crazy day at work I would recommend you findyour way here and enjoy the view while you're at it!

Casis Restaurant & Events
Reservations (03) 5753745
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
large groups welcome
Monday – Saturday 09:00 –23:00
Located at Givat Aliyah Beach on the waterfront in Jaffa
(Next to Shimon Peres Center for Peace)


Cassis #4, credit - Boaz Lavi.jpg
Cassis #6, credit - Boaz Lavi.jpg
Cassis #1, credit - Boaz Lavi.jpg
Cassis #7, credit - Boaz Lavi.jpg
Cassis #15, credit - Boaz Lavi.jpg
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Cassis #3, credit - Boaz Lavi.jpg
Cassis #20, credit - Boaz Lavi.jpg



The Container is known for being a great live music venue so no wonder it's one of the favorite spots in town for all music lovers. Whether it's Rock & Roll or Middle Eastern beats that rock your boat this is where you'll find it, live and loud! This is your ideal place for an entertaining evening with a fun crowd and tasty food.

Jaffa Port
2 Machsan, Jaffa





Celebrity chef Nir Tzuk's luxury restaurant has all the elements of the perfect dining experience, an incredible and intimate atmosphere, original design and of course exquisite food. This opulent cave is the perfect place for a romantic dinner or a fancy after work cocktail.

14 Ha Tsorfim, Jaffa





This must be one of my favorite restaurants in town. The friendly atmosphere, the breathtaking view of the sea and the food... oh the food! Eating at Kalamata is like going to Greece without needing your passport. The food is so fresh and delicious it's so hard to choose what to try, no wonder I could easily find half of the menu on my table. If you are a seafood fanatic this will become your regular spot.

10 Kikar Kdumim, Jaffa




One of the cutest places in Jaffa where you can grab a bite, sip herbal tea and just relax. The vintage feel of this adorable restaurant perfectly matches its location in the heart of the flea market. The food is exciting, colorful and of course delicious. The comfy furniture and even your plates are for sale here, so if you want to take a bit of that charming Poa feel home, you can.

8 Rabi Yohanan, Jaffa





By far one of my favorite design shops in Israel, the selection of exquisite furniture, books, accessories, rugs and home textiles is beyond impressive. The inspiring space of Elemento will make you want to redecorate your home or at least infuse it with a new and exciting feature (or two) which you will easily find here. Whether you prefer to inject your life with a colorful sofa, modern new table or at least a latest fashion magazine, this is the place to find it.

15 Hazorfim, Jaffa



Sharon Brunsher


If you are a sworn minimalist like I am then the Sharon Brunsher store in Jaffa is your heaven. Just like in my own wardrobe you won't find a drop of pattern or color here, it's all about monochromes! This store is the perfect place to get beautiful stationary, bed linen, and all your wardrobe essentials (like fine jersey T shirts, cosy sweatshirts and comfy pyjamas).

13 Amihad, Jaffa / 4 Rabi Yohanan, Jaffa
Sharon's facebook



Zielinski & Rozen Perfume


Ever dreamt of having your own fragrance made especially for you? I sure did and Erez Rozen just made it happen. This fine gentleman is a fragrance expert and his shop is a scent wonderland where you can create and purchase everything from perfumes, soaps, candles and room sprays.
The industrial style shop in the heart of the flea market is a must stop and must smell destination.

10 Rabi Pinkhas, Jaffa



Vaingold Show Room


This incredibly chic showroom is mixing contemporary Russian and Ukrainian fashion with local young up-and-coming designers. If you are looking for an original outfit for your next event this is the spot for you.

3 Pinkhas Ben Yair, Jaffa



Lara Rosnovsky


Lara's clothes are exactly what you want to wear around here, they are vibrant yet relaxed and very chic. Her Mediterranean inspired hand embroidered caftans are a must-have in every Jaffa wardrobe. Add on a clutch and a scarf and you are ready to explore the neighborhood in style.

14 Ami'ad, Jaffa
Lara's facebook





This wonderful store has a great selection of Israeli products and gift ideas. Here you can find anything from locally branded stationary and alternative souvenirs, to fun kitchen supplies and miscellaneous accessories for your home, all proudly made in Israel.

8 Yehuda Meragusa, Jaffa



Irit Goldberg Ceramics


This fine handmade ceramic collection is presented at Irit's pastoral gallery in Old Jaffa. She crafts her collection of stylish yet functional items at her private workshop, producing each piece individually by hand, with items in various colors and extraordinary textures and elements of gold and silver. Her pieces are the ultimate objects of desire. Irit also designs and creates custom pieces to order, and offers express delivery service all over the world in case you cannot make it to Jaffa or want to share her wonderful with someone abroad.

2 Shimon ha Bursekai Alley, Jaffa
Tel: 03-6829512
Mobile: 0522-580680



Jaffa Port


The port of Jaffa has so much going on, from art galleries to restaurants, concert halls to yacht and kayak hiring, you won't be short of activities around here. This promenade is perfect for a romantic walk or for a healthy jog or perhaps a romantic jog if you will! The area is lively during the weekends making it the perfect spot for family activities on sunny Shabbat days.



Kikar Ha Mazalot


Taking a walk through these ancient alleys of Jaffa is like taking a time machine back thousands of years. The streets here are named for zodiac signs and the entire district is filled with artists and their studios. In the main square of the Old City you will find the impressive Saint Peter's Church, the Jaffa Information Center, the Wishing Bridge and an amazing view on the Old City that will make you wonder what things were like all those years ago...



Jaffa's Flea Market


Whether or not you are a fan of retro, I guarantee that in no time you will find yourself hunting for a vintage object of desire. Jaffa's flea market is the ultimate eclectic mix of authentic antique dealerships and cool and trendy shops. You can easily pass a few good hours here just walking around the vibrant alleys and hunting for bargains.



Yemenite art and museum


Located in the Artist's Quarter of Old Jaffa, here you can find handcrafted tribal antique jewelry designed by eighth generation Yemenite silversmith Ben Zion David. His unique pieces combine traditional craftsmanship and integrate modern fashion trends with ancient arabesque look.The collection includes vintage Yemenite style jewelry inlaid with semi-precious stones and Roman glass and coins, earrings, necklaces, pins and pendants, bracelets, rings, and Judaica from Israel. You may also sit down and have traditional Yemeni coffee and a bite of fresh dates.

Yemenite Art
3 Mazal Dagim, Jaffa


Nine Rooms


Nine Rooms is an exclusive ladies members club located in the ancient alleys of Jaffa and as you can imagine (and see in the photos) it is one lavish place.  Nine Rooms was created by women for women, and it is by far the best place in town for meeting like minded women who are professional, ambitious and fashion savvy. Iris Zohar, the fabulous lady behind this magical place is a huge inspiration for me; her vision and endless positive energy makes Nine Rooms such a unique place. For more details about Nine Rooms visit their website or call.

32 Yefet, Jaffa
Nine Rooms ladies club



If you're looking for something fabulous and unique to do and see in Jaffa, SAGA will not disappoint. In the heart of the Jaffa Flea Market, it offers a refreshing, contemporary contrast to the vintage backdrop of the market.  We love it's unique concept, of combining a working space, a gallery and a residence for selected artists, while providing a platform for design and art. This must-go Jaffa shop and gallery has a futuristic outlook and an innovative approach to design. Whether you are looking for a little eye-candy and inspiration, or want to inject your home with a trendy new piece, SAGA is a great way to take a break from the bustling shopping,and get exported to a contemporary, colorful world of line and form. 

The Flea Market

4 Rabbi Pinhas Street, Jaffa

03 688 5567